8.5-Gallon Mop Bucket & Wringer

8.5 gallon polypropylene bucket. 3″ rubber wheels do not leave marks on the floor. Metal handle and universal “caution” logo printed on unit. Available in 4 different colors, to designate color-coded areas.

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8.5 Gallon Mop Bucket & Wringer

Product No.ColorProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
6720Red24.5'' x 24'' x 15.25''13.456-15129-06720-11
6740Yellow24.5'' x 24'' x 15.25''13.456-15129-06740-91
6750Green24.5'' x 24'' x 15.25''13.456-15129-06750-81
6760Blue24.5'' x 24'' x 15.25''13.456-15129-06760-71