Flat Butcher Wire

Scarifying brush uses staple set butcher wire to cut through dirt and buildup on concrete floors and scratch the surface clean.

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Product No.Product DescriptionUPCDiameter
773712S12" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73712-812"
773713S13" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73713-513"
773714S14" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73714-214"
773715S15" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73715-915"
773716S16" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73716-616"
773717S17" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73717-317"
773718S18" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73718-018"
773719S19" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73719-719"
773720S20" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73720-320"
773721S21" Flat Butcher Wire6-15129-73721-021"