Handy-Hook Brush by Malish

How many solutions will you find?

Handy-Hook Brush by Malish

Have you ever tried to use a screwdriver to remove lint, hair, and dust trapped in the hard to reach areas of your canister vacuum?

Introducing The Bagless Canister Cleaning Tool (now the Handy-Hook Brush) by Malish! Never stick your hand inside a dirty vacuum again. This two in one cleaning tool allows you to effortlessly get to those hard to reach places. The dual hook and brush tool can be used for so many purposes throughout the house.

The bagless vacuum tool comes in two sizes. A 5” model for smaller handheld vacs, and an 8” for larger model canister vacs.

Gaining access to these tight places has never been easier! This dual action tool can reach in and clean those areas that you haven’t been able to access in years. It’s time to end the useless bending of all those hangers. Struggling to reach for dropped items is a thing of the past.

Done are the days of using the wrong tool for the job that needs to be done. Let screwdrivers drive, let toothbrushes brush, and let clothes hangers hang. The Bagless Vacuum Tool can solve so many cleaning challenges. How many solutions will you find?

• Unique combination hook and brush hand tool for removing debris from canister vacs.
• The ergonomic hook dislodges embedded debris while the soft brush cleans around the cylinder bin & shroud.
• Forget screwdrivers and coat hangers to try and free up the hair and mess that sticks in the canister. The Dual-Action tool takes care of that and your hands remain clean.
• Innovative gadget with multiple household uses. Clean dryer vents, reach and clean under refrigerators, cabinets and furniture.
• Available in two sizes for standard and portable bag-less vacs.