Quick change universal adaptor

Blue – Removes light coatings, preps floor with even open finish.


Quick change universal adaptor

Green – Sets concrete or terrazzo to a honed finish, ready for polish.


Pad bristles

Natural – Closes concrete or terrazzo, brings out clean, even satin/polish finish.


Pad bristles

Red – Unmatched gloss level using a standard floor machine without chemicals.


Pad bristles

This powerful floor restoration tool, cuts into coatings aggressively, leaving an improved surface profile. (Not part of the polishing system)

Progressive Polishing: 3+1

Grind. Hone. Polish. Shine. That’s the Diamond Devil® system’s 3+1 approach. Three steps vs. the typical 6-step polishing process saves time. This next-generation system’s “+1” Shine Tool takes the finish a step beyond to an unmatched gloss level – using standard floor equipment.

Use the System’s 3+1 array of polishing tools to Grind, Hone, Polish, and Shine floors. The System’s Shine Tool delivers superior image gloss and clarity, keeping floors looking their best.

  • Fewer steps and passes = less process time,
    saving you $$$$

  • Permanent blades that are precisely designed and angled so no need to stop and replace worn blades

  • No pre-use blade hydration required, and no worries about snapping or breaking

Powerful Removal: Mastic Demon®

Use the System’s Mastic Demon® tool for speedy, easy removal of even the toughest coatings from concrete floors, including mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, thin mil epoxy, and more. Efficient and effective, the Mastic Demon® tool leaves behind an improved surface profile ranging between a CSP 2 and CSP 3, ready for a recoat or new floor lay.


Removes mastic, glue, adhesives, and coatings up to 30% faster without the use of dangerous chemicals.


Enhanced cutting power with 75% larger blades that include increased diamond content that leaves behind an improved surface profile.


Boosts productivity with newly designed angled blades, created to cut and eject debris faster and more efficiently. 


Avoids build-up on blades and completes jobs faster.