Malish offers several different brushes that will maximize the efficiency of a carpet cleaning floor machine. Our line of shampoo brushes includes the Nylon Carpet Shampoo Brush, the Polypropylene Carpet Shampoo Brush, and the Spinsafe™ Carpet Brush, which glides gently over carpeting, avoiding any potential damage.

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The Brushes

SpinSafe™ Carpet Brush

Quick change universal adaptor

The Malish SpinSafe™ carpet brush utilizes a smooth stainless steel adjustable glide plate to allow the brush to easily glide over the carpet. This protects the integrity of the carpet, reduces drag, and increases efficiency.

Nylon Carpet Shampoo Brush

Quick change universal adaptor

The best quality brush for this application. Nylon is flexible and supple enough to gently scrub carpets, yet has more “memory“ than other fibers for a longer lasting brush. No break-in process required.

Polypropylene Carpet Shampoo Brush

Pad bristles

A low cost alternative to nylon for situations that call for less frequent use. Ideal for the rental trade. Bristles are slightly stiffer than nylon. No break-in process required.