If yearly stripping & waxing projects are your go-to for terrazzo maintenance, it’s time to step up your game!

This innovative terrazzo restoration and polishing system works on most standard floor machines, delivering superior results in less time, saving more money. Achieve remarkable results every time with the chemical-free, patent pending Diamond Devil™ system.

  • Eliminate stripping and waxing projects forever
  • Avoid slips and falls
  • Elevate the shine and image gloss level beyond industry standards
  • 2 +1 progressive system for cementitious terrazzo
  • Works on most standard floor machines
  • Use water only, chemical-free
  • Shorter process
  • Save $$$

The Diamond Devil™ System offers substantial cost savings both initially and year-over-year, as seen in the chart below.

Terrazzo floor polishing cost savings chart

“You can see the detail of lights in the floor. You can count the fixtures. The definition and the reflective quality of the floor is unbelievable.”

-Tom Lepore, facility director

“It made it into a real floor again. If there was a sixth star, I’d give it to it,”

-Walter Hanson, custodian

“With the Shine Tool, when you get done with it, it looks wet. We have people ask us, ‘Can we walk down that?’ and there’s nothing there,”

-Jeff LaFlair, assistant plant facilities administrator

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Quick change universal adaptor

Green – Sets concrete or terrazzo to a honed finish, ready for polish


Pad bristles

Natural – Closes concrete or terrazzo, brings out clean, even satin/polish finish


Pad bristles

Red – Unmatched gloss level using a standard floor machine without chemicals