They made the switch, you can too!

Once you start to see the results it became easier and easier. It just became something to enjoy to watch because it looks that much better. It looks better than what I was told it would look like, and it can be even better looking, and that’s something to look forward to. I give the Diamond Devil® System five out of five stars it went beyond my expectations. If there was a sixth star, I’d give it to [the system].

Shiny terrazzo floor that shows the light bulbs reflections from above

Walter Hanson, Cornwall-on-Hudson Elementary School

You can see the detail of the lights in the floor. You can count the fixtures. The definition and the reflective quality of the floor is unbelievable. It’s one of the best systems I have ever used in floor care. I give the Diamond Devil® System a five out of five [stars] because of the simplicity to the users, and you get a much better finished product.

Park Ridge School Reflective Terrazzo Hallways

Tom Lepore, Park Ridge School District

With Diamond Devil®, the floors look as good today as they did seven months ago. I give the Diamond Devil® System a five out of five stars because you’re saving money on wax and stripper you would have needed. The thing I like most about it is the fact that the floors shine bright all year round rather than the first couple of months where they start to get cloudy and gray with wax.

Shiny and bright polished terrazzo hallway

Jason Lueken, Locust Valley School District

It [The Diamond Devil® Ststem] actually holds its shine where wax by the end of the school year you get that yellow-ish haze to it, and you don’t see that with the floor now. It saves us probably a month every summer. Almost everyone comments on the floor now. It looks really nice for the age. I rate the Diamond Devil® System a five out of five stars just for the ease of use. If they know how to run a scrubber, they can use this system. It’s our biggest time and money saver we’ve done yet.

Colorful terrazzo floor that's bright and shiny

Jordan Good, Tyrone Area School District


The next-generation solution, this innovative concrete and terrazzo restoration and polishing system works on most standard floor machines, delivering superior results in less time, saving money.

With terrazzo, Diamond Devil® eliminates the need for regular stripping and waxing, thus preventing employee slips and falls. Plus, it’s chemical-free—use only water.

Ready to make the switch?


Polishing System

Grind. Hone. Polish. Shine. That’s the Diamond Devil® system’s 3+1 approach. Three steps vs. the typical 6-step polishing process saves time. This next-generation system’s “+1” Shine Tool takes the finish a step beyond to an unmatched gloss level – using standard floor equipment.

  • Fewer steps and passes = less process time,
    saving you $$$$

  • Permanent blades that are precisely designed and angled so no need to stop and replace worn blades

  • No pre-use blade hydration required, and no worries about snapping or breaking


Quick change universal adaptor

Blue – Removes light coatings, preps floor with even open finish


Quick change universal adaptor

Green – Sets concrete or terrazzo to a honed finish, ready for polish


Pad bristles

Natural – Closes concrete or terrazzo, brings out clean, even satin/polish finish


Pad bristles

Red – Unmatched gloss level using a standard floor machine without chemicals