Red Flex Scrub cleaning grouted tile floors
UV light on a floor split down the middle. One side was cleaned with traditional pads and the other with bristled floor pads.

Eliminate Restroom Odors

Are persistent restroom odors causing concern for your business? At Malish, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and odor-free restrooms to ensure a positive experience for your customers and patrons. Our revolutionary solutions are specifically designed to tackle the toughest restroom odors, leaving your facilities fresh and inviting.


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Introducing our innovative solutions: Malish Rotary Grit Brushes, Flex Scrub® Ultimate Bristled Floor Pads, and Sonic Scrub™ Bristled Pads. These are not just ordinary cleaning tools—they’re advanced weapons against restroom odors. Featuring grit filament bristles, our brushes and bristled pads penetrate deep into grout lines and floor surfaces, effectively removing dirt, germs, and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Plus, they’re self-cleaning ensuring that they remain hygienic and free from bacterial buildup.

Restroom odors are often attributed to urine, especially in men’s restrooms where it can splash onto floors and walls, accumulating in grout lines and providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Traditional cleaning methods, such as mops and floor pads, may spread bacteria rather than eliminate it, exacerbating the problem.

A smelly restroom can have a detrimental impact on your business, leaving customers with a negative impression of the cleanliness and hygiene of your facility. Don’t let restroom odors tarnish your reputation—invest in effective cleaning solutions that deliver results.

Our solutions offer unparalleled benefits in combating restroom odors:

  • Deep Cleaning: Malish Rotary Grit Brushes, Flex Scrub®, and Sonic Scrub™ reach into grout lines and floor surfaces, breaking up dirt and bacteria for a thorough clean.
  • Longevity: Outlasting traditional pads, our brushes and bristled floor pads provide lasting performance and value.
  • Easy Installation: Our brushes are easy to install, with a color-coded system that simplifies the process.
  • Versatility: From rotary machines to oscillating floor machines, our brushes are compatible with various equipment, ensuring versatility and convenience.

Ready to say goodbye to restroom odors for good? Contact us today to learn more about our brush and bristled floor pad solutions and how they can transform your facilities. Fill out the form below to get expert assistance and take the first step towards fresher, cleaner restrooms.

Brushes & Bristled Floor Pads Mentioned Above

Red Flex Scrub®

Red Flex Scrub™

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Mal-Grit Lite™



Mal-Grit Scrub™

Mal-Grit Scrub™



Mal-Grit Xtra™

Mal-Grit Xtra™

Red Sonic Scrub™

Red Sonic Scrub

Blue Sonic Scrub™

Blue Sonic Scrub

Green Sonic Scrub™

Green Sonic Scrub

Black Sonic Scrub™

Black Sonic Scrub

Don’t let restroom odors linger any longer. With our revolutionary brush and bristled floor pad solutions, you can eliminate odors and create a welcoming environment for your customers. Invest in cleanliness, invest in Malish.