Flex Scrub® Bristled Floor Pads Outlast Traditional Pads Up To 50 To 1!

Flex Scrub®, the ultimate bristled floor pad, blends the familiarity and easy installation of a traditional scrubbing floor pad with the robust cleaning power of a brush.

Powerful Performance

  • Outlasts traditional floor pads up to 50 to 1
  • Reduces labor and product cost:

    • no stop-and-flip
    • won’t gum up when cleaning or stripping
    • self-cleaning so no need to wash it out
  • Reaches where floor pads can’t for a deeper clean
  • No concern about heeling and floor damage
  • No operator learning curve
  • Flexible and lightweight
One Flex Scrub versus a stack of 50 traditional floor pads


Easy Installation

Quick change universal adaptor

Flex Coupler, our quick-change universal adaptor attaches to any pad driver. Patent-pending design.

Designed To Fit

Quick change universal adaptor

Fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines: single-disc, auto scrubber, ride on, orbital.

Tackles Highs and Lows

Pad bristles

Pad bristles reach down into grout and texture for superior cleaning.



Flex Scrub™ bristled pad colors match directly with traditional floor pad color. Match pad driver size when ordering.


Bristled floor pads outperform regular floor pads by reaching the highs and lows of most floors. Superior cleaning of grouted and textured floors.


Bristled floor pads outlast traditional pads up to 50 to 1, reducing down time for pad change, labor costs and product costs. Bristled floor pads won’t gum up, so stripping can be completed faster – saving time and labor costs.


Bristled floor pads last longer than traditional pads, reducing landfill waste