Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

Maintaining impeccable hygiene in commercial a kitchen is essential for safe food preparation, as well as employee safety by removing grease build-up from the floors. As per CDC recommendations, cleaning before sanitizing ensures optimal results. Effective cleaning removes dirt and grime, while sanitizing eliminates germs.

Our Flex Scrub® Ultimate Bristled Pads and Rotary Grit Brushes are ideal for cleaning commercial kitchen floors. Their bristles reach deep into uneven surfaces such as grout lines and crevices, where dirt, grease, and debris accumulate. The bristles agitate chemicals/degreasers to effectively break up and remove grease and food residue from kitchen floors, outperforming traditional pads and mops.

Investing in these advanced cleaning solutions promotes a safer and more hygienic food preparation environment by ensuring a deep, thorough clean for your commercial kitchen. Bid farewell to greasy, dirty kitchens and welcome superior cleaning results.

Flex Scrub®

Installs like a pad, cleans like a brush. Agitates chemicals removing grease & dirt. Self-cleaning & outlasts traditional pads up to 50 to 1.

Grill Brushes


Quickly and easily scrap away built-up carbon residue from grill grates for food to taste its best.

Panini Wok Grill Brush


Stainless steel bristles make it easy to remove baked-on residue that can get trapped between panini grill grooves and woks.


Designed specifically for drains, assisting in eliminating deposits that cause odors.

Grit Rotary Brushes

Rotary Grit Brushes

Powerful performance, improved cleanability, self-cleaning and made to outlast traditional pads up to 200 to 1!


A light weight, deep cleaning, rectangular bristled pad designed for the oscillating floor machine industry.



Floor Squeegees for easy control and removal of water and cleaning solutions throughout the kitchen into floor drains.

Beverage Fountain Brush cleaning the nosle of a soda foutain machine


Aids in the cleaning process and helps eliminate bacteria on beverage fountain nozzles.

Floor care solutions for cleaner facilities, easier floor maintenance and lower product and labor costs

Products and Systems for Every Floor

Cleanliness in commercial spaces is vital to the safety of those who gather to work, learn or care for others. That’s where Malish can help. We have floor care solutions to make your floors cleaner, your maintenance easier and overall material and labor costs lower.