Malish Brings Color to Grit Brush Line

May 2011 – Malish Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of floor machine and surface cleaning brushes, has simplified matching the right brush to the right application. The Malish Color Solutionā„¢ System provides five grit brushes matched in color to the industry-standard pad color coding system.

The Malish Color Solutionā„¢ System features MAL-GRIT XTRAā„¢ with orange bristles for heavy duty stripping and scrubbing, MAL-GRIT LITEā„¢ with red bristles for light cleaning and scrubbing, CLEAN-GRITā„¢ with blue bristles for medium scrubbing, MAL-GRIT SCRUBā„¢ with green bristles for general scrubbing and MAL-GRITā„¢ with black bristles for stripping. Each color-coded brush can now be matched to the similar color-coded floor pad making brush/pad selection easy.

The Malish Corporation brings over 60 years of experience and expertise in the brush industry.

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