Diamond Devil® Concrete Restoration and Polishing System Next-Gen Solution Slashes Time, Saves Money, Delivers Superior Results

Next-Gen Solution Slashes Time, Saves Money, Delivers Superior Results

(Mentor, Ohio – August 17, 2021) – Fast, fierce and effective, the newly launched Diamond Devil® Concrete Restoration and Polishing System (patent pending), developed by The Malish Corporation, represents an advanced approach to concrete and terrazzo floor maintenance.

“The Diamond Devil® system is a game changer,” says Jeff Malish, president and CEO of The Malish Corporation. “Not only does it save time and money, but it also delivers results that are superior to other systems in use today.”

The Malish Corporation’s innovative tools make speedy work of removing old coatings from concrete floors or prepping and polishing them to a fresh finish with an unsurpassed shine. Chemical-free and designed to work on most standard floor machines, the Diamond Devil® system saves time and money while producing outstanding results.

Mastic Demon® Tool: Powerful Removal

Even the toughest coatings are no match for the fierce Mastic Demon®, which rapidly and easily removes mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, epoxy and more from concrete floors. The clear choice when compared with other systems, the Mastic Demon® features 75% larger blades and increased diamond content to deliver enhanced cutting power and an improved surface profile.

What’s more, the Mastic Demon® tool’s patent-pending blade angle design amps up productivity by cutting and ejecting debris more quickly and efficiently – up to 30% faster than other systems.

Polished Performance:  To Achieve an Unsurpassed Finish

The Diamond Devil® system’s 3+1 polishing process uses a series of three tools, each with permanent precisely designed and angled blades, to achieve unparalleled results on concrete or terrazzo floors. The Diamond Devil® system is so advanced that without chemicals and in just three steps, it can deliver a polish level superior to other systems. The system’s “+1” shine tool is an optional step that elevates the floor’s polish to a shine, providing superior image gloss and clarity.  Using the Diamond Devil® system’s 3 +1 polishing process, maintenance staff can grind, hone, polish and shine more efficiently and effectively than ever before—saving time and money.

There is no doubt that The Diamond Devil® is the ultimate concrete restoration and polishing system.

About The Malish Corporation

A global leader in floor care products, The Malish Corporation offers a broad line of rotary/disc brushes and accessories for commercial floor machines. From pad drivers and color-coded grit brushes to unique bristled floor pads and carpet-cleaning brushes, the industry has turned to Malish for quality and innovation since 1945. To learn more about the Diamond Devil® system or other Malish floor care products, visit Malish.com or call:  +1(800) 321-7044.

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