Malish Plastics Moving to Larger Facility

Malish Plastics has announced its plans to move the company’s headquarters and manufacturing operations from the 84,000 square foot location it currently occupies in Willoughby, Ohio, to a new 160,000 square foot location in nearby Mentor, Ohio. Malish Plastics is a custom extruder of thermoplastic profiles, tubing, and pipe, and is a division of The Malish Corp. “Malish has occupied the current location since 1971, and we have grown to the point where we need additional space to maintain the levels of efficiency and service our customers require,” said David Hutson, National Sales Manager for Malish Plastics. “We added the plastic extrusion business, in 1988, as an extension to service The Malish Corporation’s need for high tolerance, heavy wall ABS and HDPE tubes.” The company is a leading global manufacturer of powered cleaning brushes to the commercial and industrial cleaning industries.

“We had a difficult time finding, and keeping suppliers for the stringent criteria we required on these parts. Eventually, it became apparent that we were best served through bringing the process in-house,” said Hutson. He continued, “We found that we had an existing customer base that required various custom extrusions, and were willing to work with us to that end. We were able to create a thriving business, separate from our historical mainstay, and it has seen steady growth ever since.” The company now serves multiple industries in a wide array of markets. The Malish Corporation also operates facilities in Dongguan and Shanghai, China, where it does plastic injection molding, rotational molding, and brush manufacturing. A fourth operation was recently added in Poland to serve a growing European customer base.

The move will be completed in mid December. “We expect things to proceed as normal. This move has been well planned, and our customers should not experience any related issues,” said Hutson. “We are looking forward to having room to stretch out, and continue the growth we have experienced to date. The old footprint has limited us as to screw/barrel sizes and configurations. This will allow us to significantly upgrade in those areas.”

Inquiries should be directed to David Hutson.

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