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Nylon Carpet Shampoo Brush

The best quality brush for this application. Nylon is flexible and supple enough to gently scrub carpets, yet has more “memory“ than other fibers for a longer lasting brush.

On brushes 14″ in diameter and larger, the two outer rows are heavier to scrub the carpet and flex the pile while the softer inner rows “massage” the dirt from the carpet for a deeper cleaning action.

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Nylon Carpet Shampoo Brush

Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPCFilament ColorFilament Diameter
812910*10" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushWood10"6-15129-12910-7White / Black0.025
812911*11" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic11"6-15129-12911-4White / Black0.025
812912*12" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic12"6-15129-12912-1White / Black0.025
812913*13" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic13"6-15129-12913-8White / Black0.025
81291414" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic14"6-15129-12914-9White / Black.025/.028
81291515" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic15"6-15129-12915-2White / Black.025/.029
81291616" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic16"6-15129-12916-9White / Black.025/.030
81291717" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic17"6-15129-12917-6White / Black.025/.031
81291818" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic18"6-15129-12918-3White / Black.025/.032
81291919" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic19"6-15129-12919-0White / Black.025/.033
81292020" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic20"6-15129-12920-6White / Black.025/.034
81292121" Nylon Carpet Shampoo BrushPlastic21"6-15129-12921-3White / Black.025/.035
*Black bristles only