Angle / Upright Brooms

Our new Angle/Upright Broom has two handle holes molded into the block, one for upright sweeping and the other for sweeping at an angle. Choice of flagged or unflagged. Accepts threaded handles.

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Angle Upright Brooms

Product No.Fiber ColorProduct DescriptionBlock Material/ColorTrim LengthOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
055908BlueFlagged Poly Lobby BroomPlastic/Black4"6''11.5" x 6" x 1.875"0.886-15129-55908-96
055909BlackPoly Lobby BroomPlastic/Black4"6''7.5'' x 6'' x 1.75''0.586-15129-55909-66
055910BlueFlagged Poly Janitor BroomPlastic/Black4"9''11'' x 1.75'' x 6''0.836-15129-55910-26
055911BlackPoly Janitor BroomPlastic/Black5"9''11.5'' x 1.75'' x 7.25''0.996-15129-55911-96
055912BlueFlagged Poly Warehouse BroomPlastic/Black7"9''12'' x 1.75'' x 8''0.926-15129-55912-66
055913BlackCrimped Poly Warehouse BroomPlastic/Black6"9''12'' x 1.75'' x 8''0.716-15129-55913-36