BONNET-LOK Carpet Brush

The BONNET-LOK™ System is a brush/bonnet combination in a single unit. The exclusive design allows both the brush and the bonnet to extend to the wall for maximum coverage and effectiveness. Includes 1-1/4” riser. Clutch plate NOT included.

BONNET-LOK™ Carpet Brush

Product No.Product DescriptionUPC
**75801717" BONNET-LOK™ Driver6-15129-85017-9
**78501919" BONNET-LOK™ Driver6-15129-85019-3
*78505717" BONNET-LOK™ for #7850176-15129-85020-5
*78505919" BONNET-LOK™ for #7850196-15129-85059-9
*Must be ordered in cases of 6
**Bonnets not included
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