Malish Counter Dusters

Available for fine, medium and heavy applications in a variety of synthetic or natural fibers.

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Counter Dusters

Product No.Fiber ColorProduct DescriptionMaterialTrim LengthOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
114908GrayFlagged Poly Plastic2-1/2"13"13.5'' x 3.25'' x 3.5''0.486-15129-11490-512
112408BlackPoly Plastic2-1/2"13"13.25'' x 2'' x 3.25''0.466-15129-11240-612
110708BlackTampico Plastic2-1/2"13"13.25'' x 2'' x 3.25''0.626-15129-11708-112
113008BlackSynthetic Horsehair Wood2-1/2"13"14.5'' x 2.5'' x 3.25''0.536-15129-11308-312
CD-58GrayFlagged Poly Wood2-1/2"13-5/8"3'' x 3'' x 13.5''0.467-59506-00580-312