Floor Machine Dust Skirt

Create a clean, dust-free environment that allows you to breathe easier when sanding, grinding and buffing your most demanding flooring projects. The Malish Dust Skirt acts as a barrier, filter, and barricade to keep particles and contaminants under control and where you want them. It adapts perfectly to your 17” or 20” buffer and allows your machine to run with any dust containment system.  The design allows flexibility of the skirt shroud to always be in contact with the floor. The black reinforced nylon brush floats on the floor and allows optimal dust collection.

  • Available in 17” and 20” diameter
  • Unique design with a floating skirt and vacuum port attachment
  • Over 4” of adjustable skirting which allows the dust skirt to conform to the highs and lows of floor capturing maximum amount of dust
  • Easily attaches to the housing of a single disc floor machines using a VELCRO® quick-connect system

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Copy of Copy of Floor Machine Dust Skirt

Product No.Product DescriptionMachine SizeUPC CodeWeightCase Quantity
88291717" Dust Skirt17"6-15129-88297-23.02 lbs1
88292020" Dust Skirt20"6-15129-88290-33.06 lbs1