Heavy-Duty Floor Sweeps

These Heavy-Duty Floor Sweeps are used for heavier dirt and debris. Superior construction makes these sweeps the ideal tools for use on unfinished concrete or rough floors.

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Heavy Duty Floor Sweeps

Product No.Fiber ColorProduct DescriptionMaterialTrim LengthOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
022018MaroonCrimped Poly Wood3"18"18.75'' x 3.25'' x 4''1.586-15129-22018-712
022024MaroonCrimped PolyWood3"24"18.75'' x 3.25'' x 4''1.586-15129-22024-812
022036MaroonCrimped Poly Wood3"36"18.75'' x 3.25'' x 4''1.586-15129-22036-16
3060BluePoly CrimpedBlack Foam3"18"18'' X 3'' X 4''1.676-15129-03060-112
3061BluePoly Crimped Black Foam3"24"24.5'' X 3'' X 4''2.16-15129-03061-812
020418BrownPalmyraWood4"18"18.25'' X 3'' X 4.75''1.576-15129-20418-712
020424BrownPalmyraWood4"24"24.5'' X 3'' X 4.75''2.036-15129-20424-812
020436BrownPalmyraWood4"36"37'' X 3.5'' X 4.75''36-15129-20436-16