Mastic Demon™ Blade Replacement Kits

Each kit contains a full set of blades and screws for replacing worn blades.

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Mastic DemonTM Blade Replacement Kit

Product No.Product DescriptionRotation# Of BladesUPCFits Block Diameter
515CCWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCCW56-15129-51500-912", 13", 14"
516CCWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCCW66-15129-51600-615", 16", 17"
518CCWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCCW86-15129-51800-018", 19", 20"
515CWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCW56-15129-51501-612", 13", 14"
516CWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCW66-15129-51601-315", 16", 17"
518CWMastic Demon™ Blade KitCW86-15129-51801-718", 19", 20"