These plastic framed squeegees are durable, economical and use a standard threaded handle. The EVA blade will not mark, which enables greater efficiencies for the toughest jobs. Color-coded threads for use in HACCP programs.

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Color Coded Squeegees

Product No.ColorProduct DescriptionFrameBlade TypeOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
5718RRed18" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam18"17.5'' x 3.25'' x 2.25''0.326-15129-57181-46
5718YYellow18" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam18"17.5'' x 3.375'' x 2.25''0.326-15129-57182-16
5718GGreen18" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam18"17.5'' x 2.25'' x 3.25''0.336-15129-57183-86
5718BBlue18" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam18"17.625'' x 3.25'' x 2.25''0.326-15129-57184-56
5718WWhite18" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam18"17.5' x 2.25' x 3.5''0.336-15129-57185-26
5724RRed24" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam24"24'' x 2.25'' x 3.5''0.456-15129-57241-56
5724YYellow24" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam24"24'' x 2.25'' x 3.5''0.446-15129-57242-26
5724GGreen24" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam24"23.625'' x 3.25'' x 2''0.436-15129-57243-96
5724BBlue24" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam24"24'' x 2' x 3.25''0.446-15129-57244-66
5724WWhite24" Hygienic SqueegeePlasticFoam24"23.625' x 3.25'' x 20.436-15129-57245-36