Revolutionary, patent pending design combines the NP-9200 TRU-FIT® Universal Clutch Plate, built-in riser and a triangular showerfeed system for a cost-effective pad driver capable of handling the toughest jobs. Drives all standard or economy floor pads and bonnets.

Remember: Never use a pad driver without a pad and replace pads on a regular basis.  This will protect the pad driver material and ensure longer effective life.

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Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPC
789215NP9215" Tri-LOKPlastic15"6-15129-89215-5
789216NP9216" Tri-LOKPlastic16"6-15129-89216-2
789217NP9217" Tri-LOKPlastic17"6-15129-89217-9
789218NP9218" Tri-LOKPlastic18"6-15129-89218-6
789219NP9219" Tri-LOKPlastic19"6-15129-89219-3
789220NP9220" Tri-LOKPlastic20"6-15129-89220-9