A Deep Clean You Can See

The CDC recommends cleaning prior to sanitizing to get the best results. Cleaning removes the germs and sanitizing kills them. Proper infection prevention means you must both clean and disinfect, in that order. These items allow you to address each item in the restroom for a deep clean.

In order to remove restroom odors, you need to remove the source of the odor, which is the embedded urine, germs and bacteria that is built up in the grout lines and hiding in floor drains. Sprays and deodorizers attempt to mask the odor, but do nothing – Save your money!

Flex Scrub® Bristled Pads and our Rotary Grit Brushes have bristles that reach deep into grout lines and uneven surfaces. The bristles agitate and break up dirt and debris, removing it from the floor providing a superior cleaning result over traditional pads and mops. Self-cleaning and more durable, Flex Scrub® outlasts traditional pads up to 50 to 1. Rotary Grit Brushes outlast traditional pads up to 200 to 1.

Flex Scrub group picture

Flex Scrub®

Installs like a pad, is self-cleaning, and outlasts traditional pads up to 50 to 1.

Short handle utility scrub brush


Scrub sinks, countertops, and easily reachable surfaces.

Long handle utility scrub brush


Reach difficult areas such as behind toilets, in between stall doors, base of toilets and in corners.


Brush designed specifically for the drain, eliminating deposits that cause odors.

Grit Brush group picture

Rotary Grit Brushes

Self-cleaning and made to outlast traditional pads up to 200 to 1!



Cleaning mirrors is a breeze with no bumping, thumping or streaking.



Hygienic Floor Squeegees to push floor cleaning chemicals and rinse water to the floor drain.

Before and after Privacy Seal Stall Gap Covers

Privacy Seal

A privacy solution for public restrooms where users may feel uncomfortable as a result of stall gaps.

Floor care solutions for cleaner facilities, easier floor maintenance and lower product and labor costs

Products and Systems for Every Floor

Cleanliness in commercial spaces is vital to the safety of those who gather to work, learn or care for others. That’s where Malish can help. We have floor care solutions to make your floors cleaner, your maintenance easier and overall material and labor costs lower.