Restroom Odors Are No Match For Flex Scrub®

  • Flex Scrub Fights Restroom Odors

Noxious odors persisting in restrooms despite diligent cleaning efforts and the use of various odor-fighting products? You’re not alone. Despite our best efforts, malodor, stench, and reek remain persistent issues, often stemming from years of accumulated urine and bacteria lurking within grout lines and uneven surfaces.

Conventional mops, while essential for surface cleaning, fall short when it comes to penetrating deep into grout lines and effectively agitating cleaners to dislodge built-up contaminants. Instead, they inadvertently spread the problem, leaving foul-smelling residues to linger.

Likewise, while air fresheners and deodorizers may temporarily mask unpleasant odors, they fail to address the root cause, leaving you inhaling a blend of malodorous compounds and airborne chemicals.

Enter your solution: Flex Scrub’s Ultimate Bristled Floor Pad and our Mal-Grit Scrub (Green). These innovative tools offer a formidable defense against restroom odors. With their bristled design, they delve deep into grout lines and uneven surfaces, effectively agitating cleaning agents to dislodge stubborn residues of urine and bacteria that have plagued your floors for years.

What sets bristled floor pads and rotary grit brushes apart is their self-cleaning mechanism. Unlike mops or traditional floor pads that merely redistribute contaminants, our tools actively break them down, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean without leaving behind any unpleasant residues.

Say goodbye to malodor, stench, and stink in your restrooms for good with Flex Scrub’s cutting-edge solutions.