A Deep Clean You Can See

Floor care experts recommend cleaning prior to sanitizing washroom floors to get the best results. Cleaning removes the germs and sanitizing kills them.

Malish brushes and bristled floor pads deliver a deeper clean–at a reduced cost. They dig deep to clean highs-lows and grout lines effectively removing dirt and debris, whereas mops or floor pads only skim the surface and leave behind germs, bacteria, and nestled dirt.

Mal-Grit Scrub™

Mal-Grit Scrub™

Daily scrubbing and maintenance. Reaches highs-lows and grout lines in ceramic and quarry tile floors. Use with rotary or single-disk machine. Outlasts floor pads 200:1.

Green Sonic Scrub

Green Sonic Scrub™

Heavy scrubbing. Removes worn finishes, soils, scuffs, spills. Use with orbital floor machine. Outlasts floor pads 20:1.

Green Flex Scrub™

Green Flex Scrub™

Daily, heavy scrubbing and maintenance. Removal of dried on residue, saturated grout lines, layers of built-up dirt. Use with rotary or single-disk floor machine. Fits on any pad driver. Outlasts floor pads 50:1.


Reaching deep into grout lines where pads can’t

Floor care solutions for cleaner facilities, easier floor maintenance and lower product and labor costs

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Cleanliness in commercial spaces is vital to the safety of those who gather to work, learn or care for others. That’s where Malish can help. We have floor care solutions to make your floors cleaner, your maintenance easier and overall material and labor costs lower.