Mastic Demon® Coating Removal

If you look online, you might find antiquated ways of removing mastic, carpet glue, adhesive, and other coatings from your concrete floors, such as soaking concrete floors in harsh chemicals and solvents that will try to melt down the coating. Then using hand scrapers, on your hands and knees, to scrape off the coating. Other methods include using hot water, hand chisels, stand-up scrapers, or heat guns to remove coatings from concrete.

These methods are not only time-consuming and difficult, but they can also be hazardous to your health and become quite costly.

If your goal is to remove old coatings from your concrete floors, we recommend using our Mastic Demon® coating removal tool which is part of our Diamond Devil® Concrete Restoration & Polishing System.

Mastic Demon® is specifically designed to be used with water only. We DO NOT advise or recommend using the tool with any chemicals or solvents. WATER ONLY

Mastic Demon® is the next-generation solution to concrete coating removal. This innovative concrete restoration coating removal tool works on most standard floor machines, delivering superior results in less time, saving more money. Achieve remarkable results with the chemical free, patent pending Mastic Demon®.


Mastic Demon® is for speedy, easy removal of even the toughest coatings from concrete floors, including mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, thin mil epoxy, and more. Efficient and effective, the Mastic Demon® coating removal tool leaves behind an improved surface profile between a CSP2 & CSP3, ready for a recoat.

  • Removes mastic, glue, adhesives, and coatings up to 30% faster than other systems, without the use of dangerous chemicals
  • Enhanced cutting power with 75% larger blades that include increased diamond content that leaves behind an improved surface profile
  • Boosts productivity with newly designed angled blades, created to cut and eject debris faster and more efficiently
  • Avoids build-up on blades and completes jobs faster

Note: The Mastic Demon® is a standalone coating removal tool and is designed to remove coatings and mastic on concrete floors that are not intended for polishing. It is not to be used as part of the Diamond Devil® Polishing System.

How to remove mastic, glue, and other coatings from concrete:

  • Using a standard single-disc floor machine, attach the Mastic Demon® Tool
    • Run with plenty of water and a Malish Splash Guard™ or run dry with the Malish Dust Skirt and vacuum port system
    • Start on the edge where you can begin to breakup and work your way across the concrete floor from side-to-side moving slowly
    • Continue to make passes until desired results are achieved
    • After running the Mastic Demon® the floor is left with an improved concrete surface profile between a CSP2 & CSP3, ready for a recoat

Old mastic, glue, or adhesives must be removed before applying any new coating to the concrete surface. If the old coating is not removed, then the new coating will not adhere properly to the concrete.

Mastic Demon® Tools are available in sizes 12-inch through 20-inch block diameters and fit most standard floor machines.

Note: Use up to a 20″ Mastic Demon® Tool on a low-speed single disc floor machine, without tripping breakers.

To ensure tools are mounted correctly onto the machine, we strongly suggest that the operator view the Rotational Instruction Video, below, prior to mounting tools. Once rotation is determined, the operator should reference the label printed on top of the tool that specifies if the tool is Clockwise (CW) or Counter-Clockwise (CCW).

Need replacement blades for the Mastic Demon®? Check out the replacement blade kits available for the Mastic Demon® Tools.

Mastic Demon® is uniquely designed to be used on your existing standard floor equipment instead of renting costly, heavy grinders for coating removal jobs.