Janitorial Deck Scrubs

Full line of wooden block Deck Scrubs for a variety of tough scrubbing jobs. These scrubs accept either tapered or threaded handles.

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Deck Scrubs

Product No.Fiber ColorProduct DescriptionBlock MaterialTrim LengthOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
062410NaturalCrimped Poly Wood2"10"11" x 3.5" x 3"0.876-15129-62410-712
062412NaturalCrimped PolyWood2"12"11" x 3.5" x 3"0.876-15129-62412-112
060610WhiteTampico Wood2"10"3'' x 10'' x 3''0.896-15129-60610-312
060612WhiteTampico Wood2"12"3'' x 12'' x 3''1.026-15129-60612-712
060410BrownPalmyra Wood2"10"10.5'' x 3'' x 3''0.926-15129-60410-912
060412BrownPalmyra Wood2"12"12.25'' x 3'' x 3''0.976-15129-60412-712
DB-33BrownPalmyraWood2"14''3.125'' x 3'' x 15''1.347-59506-00330-412