Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tools / Grout Scrub

This unique grout line scrubbing tool with stiff polyester trim chiseled to a point scrubs even the narrowest of grout lines. Its tough construction features a swivel handle for flexible scrubbing action in tight surroundings. These tough brushes are for aggressive scrubbing of hard-to-reach places. The universal joint adjusts brushes to any angle for cleaning corners, crevices, under counters and around restrooms.

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Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tools - Grout Scrub

Product No.Fiber ColorProduct DescriptionBlock MaterialTrim LengthOverall LengthProduct DimensionsProduct Weight lbs.UPCCase Qty.
3200BlackGrout Scrub w/Swivel HeadWhite Plastic1/2"-1"9.5''9.25'' x 4.25'' x 1.375'' 0.366-15129-02320-712
183209BlueGrit Versa-Scrub® (35/180 Grit)Plastic15/16"9"3.5'' x 8.75'' x 5''0.86-15129-18320-812
183409MixedPlastic/Grit Versa-Scrub®Plastic15/16"9"3.5'' x 8.75'' x 5''0.726-15129-18340-612
183410MixedPlastic/Grit Versa-Scrub®, Grout BusterPlastic15/16"9"4.5'' x 8.75'' x 5''0.736-15129-18341-312
1765BluePoly Heavy Duty Scrub BrushWhite Plastic1"10"10'' x 3.5'' x 4''0.66-15129-01765-76