Mal-Lok Style I

This tufted pad driver is the excellent choice for use on automatic machines as well as bonnets and yard pads. Mal-Lokhas a 1” offset trimmed heavy polypropylene tuft that penetrates the floor pad at different depths for maximum holding power.

Warning: Do not use brush or pad with flammable materials (fuels, solvents, thinner, etc.) or serious bodily harm or injury could result from possible fire or explosion.

Mal-Lok™ Style I

Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPC
78245010" MAL-LOKWood10"6-15129-82450-7
78245111" MAL-LOKPlastic11"6-15129-82451-4
78245212" MAL-LOKPlastic12"6-15129-82452-1
78245313" MAL-LOKPlastic13"6-15129-82453-8
78245414" MAL-LOKPlastic14"6-15129-82454-5
78245515" MAL-LOKPlastic15"6-15129-82455-2
78245616" MAL-LOKPlastic16"6-15129-82456-9
78245717" MAL-LOKPlastic17"6-15129-82457-6
78245818" MAL-LOKPlastic18"6-15129-82458-3
78245919" MAL-LOKPlastic19"6-15129-82459-0
78246020" MAL-LOKPlastic20"6-15129-82460-6
78246121" MAL-LOKPlastic21"6-15129-82461-3
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