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BEST SELLER – Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed irregular at 3/4″ are staple set in our TUFF-BLOCK®, making this the superior tufted pad driver choice. Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes our 1-1/4″ thick plastic riser. (Can also be ordered without riser.)

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Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPC
78271010" PAD-LOKWood10"6-15129-82710-2
78271111" PAD-LOKPlastic11"6-15129-82711-9
78271212" PAD-LOKPlastic12"6-15129-82712-6
78271313" PAD-LOKPlastic13"6-15129-82713-3
78271414" PAD-LOKPlastic14"6-15129-82714-0
78271515" PAD-LOKPlastic15"6-15129-82715-7
78271616" PAD-LOKPlastic16"6-15129-82716-4
78271717" PAD-LOKPlastic17"6-15129-82717-1
78271818" PAD-LOKPlastic18"6-15129-82718-8
78271919" PAD-LOKPlastic19"6-15129-82719-5
78272020" PAD-LOKPlastic20"6-15129-82720-1
78272121" PAD-LOKPlastic21"6-15129-82721-8
78272222" PAD-LOKPlastic22"6-15129-82722-5