Blue Flex Scrub™

Flex Scrub™, the ultimate bristled floor pad that attaches as quickly and easily as a traditional floor cleaning pad yet provides a much deeper level of cleaning. Flex Scrub™ reaches deep into grout lines and textures where regular floor pads can’t. Our Blue Flex Scrub™ is perfect for light scrubbing and removal of light dirt, scuff marks and residue.

Our patent-pending Flex Coupler™, quick-change universal adaptor, allows for easy installation to any pad driver.


  • Fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines: single-disc, auto scrubber, ride on, orbital
  • Experience powerful performance
  • Achieve a deeper clean unlike any other scrubbing floor pad
  • Reduce labor and productivity cost by outlasting traditional floor pads up to 50 to 1
  • Install easily to any pad driver


Order the same color Flex Scrub™ bristled pad color to match the traditional floor pad color. Also, match pad driver size when ordering.

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Want more information? Check out our Flex Scrub™ FAQs below.

Flex Scrub Round Bristled Pad

Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPCFilament ColorFilament DiameterGrit Size
586513Flex Scrub™Plastic13"6-15129-58513-2Blue0.35180
586513CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic13"6-15129-58523-1Blue0.35180
586514Flex Scrub™Plastic14"Blue0.35180
586514CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic14"Blue0.35180
586515Flex Scrub™Plastic15"Blue0.35180
586515CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic15"Blue0.35180
586516Flex Scrub™Plastic16"6-15129-58516-3Blue0.35180
586516CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic16"6-15129-58526-2Blue0.35180
586517Flex Scrub™Plastic17"6-15129-58517-0Blue0.35180
586517CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic17"6-15129-58527-9Blue0.35180
586518Flex Scrub™Plastic18"Blue0.35180
586518CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic18"Blue0.35180
586519Flex Scrub™Plastic19"6-15129-58519-4Blue0.35180
586519CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic19"6-15129-58529-3Blue0.35180
586520Flex Scrub™Plastic20"6-15129-58520-0Blue0.35180
586520CLFlex Scrub™ w/CenterLok®3Plastic20"6-15129-58530-9Blue0.35180