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Black Flex Scrub™

For stripping floors down to the base level.

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Order the same color Flex Scrub™ bristled pad color to match the traditional floor pad color. Also, match pad driver size when ordering.


Flex Scrub Round Bristle Pad

Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPCFilament ColorFilament DiameterGrit Size
58321350/80 Black Grit Flex Scrub™ Plastic13"6-15129-58313-8Black0.5080
58321650/80 Black Grit Flex Scrub™ Plastic16"6-15129-58316-9Black0.5080
58321750/80 Black Grit Flex Scrub™ Plastic17"6-15129-58317-6Black0.5080
58321950/80 Black Grit Flex Scrub™ Plastic19"6-15129-58319-0Black0.5080
58322050/80 Black Grit Flex Scrub™ Plastic20"6-15129-58320-6Black0.5080