Red Flex Scrub®

Flex Scrub®, the ultimate bristled floor pad that attaches as quickly and easily as a traditional floor cleaning pad yet provides a much deeper level of cleaning. Flex Scrub® reaches deep into grout lines and textures where regular floor pads can’t. Our Red Flex Scrub® is ideal for everyday use to maintain floor cleanliness.

Our patent-pending Flex Coupler™, quick-change universal adaptor, allows for easy installation to any pad driver.


  • Fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines: single-disc, auto scrubber, ride on, orbital
  • Experience powerful performance
  • Achieve a deeper clean unlike any other scrubbing floor pad
  • Reduce labor and productivity cost by outlasting traditional floor pads up to 50 to 1
  • Install easily to any pad driver


Order the same color Flex Scrub® bristled pad color to match the traditional floor pad color. Also, match pad driver size when ordering.

Flex Scrub Round Bristle Pad

Product No.Product DescriptionBlock TypeBlock DiameterUPCFilament ColorFilament DiameterGrit Size
583413Flex Scrub®Plastic13"6-15129-58413-5Red0.18500
583413CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic13"6-15129-58423-4Red0.18500
583414Flex Scrub®Plastic14"6-15129-58414-2Red0.18500
583414CLFlex Scrub®
583415Flex Scrub® Plastic15"6-15129-58415-9Red0.18500
583415CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic15"6-15129-58425-8Red0.18500
583416Flex Scrub®Plastic16"6-15129-58416-6Red0.18500
583416CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic16"6-15129-58426-5Red0.18500
583417Flex Scrub®Plastic17"6-15129-58417-3Red0.18500
583417CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic17"6-15129-58427-2Red0.18500
583418Flex Scrub®Plastic18"6-15129-58418-0Red0.18500
583418CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic18"6-15129-58428-9Red0.18500
583419Flex Scrub®Plastic19"6-15129-58419-7Red0.18500
583419CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic19"6-15129-58429-6Red0.18500
583420Flex Scrub®Plastic20"6-15129-58420-3Red0.18500
583420CLFlex Scrub® w/CenterLok®3Plastic20"6-15129-58430-2Red0.18500


ProductBristled Pad ColorBristled Pad Filament DiameterBristled Pad Grit SizePad Replacement Color
Red Flex Scrub®Red0.18500Red
Blue Flex Scrub®Blue0.35180Blue
Green Flex Scrub®Green0.22120Green
Black Flex Scrub®Black0.580Black


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Flex Scrub® FAQ Section:

A: No, the Flex Coupler™ does not detach from the Flex Scrub®. If you’re in need of a replacement Flex Coupler™, you will need to replace the entire bristled pad.

A:  Flex Scrub® bristled floor pads work with most standard floor machines: 175-350 RPM’s (single disc machines, auto-scrubbers, ride-on and orbital). Quickly attaches to any pad driver.

A: Flex Scrub® will work on all pad drivers made with a standard recessed center hole area.  This allows room for the Flex Coupler™.

Exclusions include machines designed with a flat disc pad driver; examples pictured below.

A: Purchase the same color Flex Scrub® as the floor pad you are currently using.

A: Order the same size Flex Scrub® as your pad driver.

A: Flex Scrub® Bristled Floor pads come in five sizes:  13”, 16”, 17”, 19”, and 20”.

A: Replace Flex Scrub® when bristles have about ½” length remaining.

A: No, continue to use grit brushes. Flex Scrub® is not a replacement for a grit brush; it is a replacement for a pad.

A: Our testing shows that if you use the same color Flex Scrub® as a floor pad, the Flex Scrub will last up to 50 times longer than one traditional floor pad.

A: The Polypropylene in the Flex Scrub® will not scratch the floor if you are using the proper Flex Scrub® for the floor type.  Reference our application guide for details.

A: When used with a chemical stripper, the Black Flex Scrub® removes the floor wax more quickly, which increases worker productivity. Black Flex Scrubs® do not gum up when stripping. Black floor pads gum up after 150 sq ft, they need to be flipped and washed out while Black Flex Scrubs® are self-cleaning.

A:  Flex Scrub is not intended to polish, but to clean and strip, depending on the color Flex Scrub® you use.

A: There are more than enough tufts on a Flex Scrub to properly loosen the dirt and agitate chemicals/water on the floor to achieve a clean result.  The bristles agitate and remove the dirt in both the highs and lows of the floors and in grout lines, where traditional pads only smear the dirt and spread it across the surface of the floor.

A: No, we suggest using our Soft White Nylon brush on LVT.